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AC Replacement In Midlothian, Mansfield, Venus, TX and Surrounding Areas

Is Your AC Unit Not Cutting It Anymore?

As your AC ages, its components undergo wear and tear, reducing its effectiveness and efficiency. This can adversely affect its ability to function and make its maintenance and usage unnecessarily expensive. Contact us today for all of your AC replacement service needs for your home in the Midlothian, TX, area.

When the time comes, you must decide whether it is time to replace your system or if repairs will suffice.

Air Conditioning Services In Midlothian, Mansfield, Venus, TX and Surrounding Areas

Signs You Need An AC Replacement

If your AC unit is more than ten years old or has trouble keeping your home cool, it may be time to replace it. Should you choose to replace, a newer unit will be more energy efficient than an older unit with a longer lifespan. Other signs that you may need an AC replacement include the following:

  • Increased energy bills
  • Unusual noises coming from your unit
  • Strange smells
  • Leaking water from your unit

If you notice these warning signs and live in Ellis County and throughout the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex area, it’s best to call our professionals at Hardin Heating & Air, LLC, to take a look at your unit and see if a replacement is necessary.

Replacing Your Unit

There are many different types of AC units available on the market. The type of unit you need will depend on the size of your home, budget, and preferences. The most common types of AC units include:

  • Central air conditioners.
  • Split-system air conditioners.
  • Ductless mini-split air conditioners.

You’ll want to consider a few things when shopping for an AC replacement unit if you live in the Mansfield and Venus, TX, area.

The first is the size of the unit. You’ll want to make sure that the new unit is the same size or larger than your old one. A unit that’s too small won’t be able to cool your home properly, and a unit that’s too large will consume more energy than necessary.

The second is the energy efficiency rating. Make sure to check the SEER rating of any new units you’re considering. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit will be, saving you money on your utility bills.

You’ll also want to consider the features offered by different units. Some units come with additional features such as UV light filters or humidity sensors. Our expert technicians will be able to help you decide which unit best fits your needs.

Once we have chosen the perfect air conditioner for your home, it is essential to have it installed by a qualified professional. Improper installation can lead to decreased efficiency and increased wear and tear on the unit. 

When having your new AC unit installed, be sure to ask our expert technicians at Hardin Heating & Air, LLC, about any maintenance tips to keep your unit running smoothly.

With proper installation and care, your new air conditioner can keep you cool and comfortable for many years to come.

Easy Maintenance Tips

Make sure to have your unit serviced at least once a year by a qualified HVAC technician. During a service appointment, our technicians will clean the unit, check for any problems, and make any necessary repairs. Servicing your unit regularly can help prevent costly AC repairs down the road.

You can also check and change your air filter regularly. The average time to replace your air filter is every three months, but it differs in every household. For example, if you have pets, you’ll need to change them more often.

Also, keep the area around your unit clean and free of dirt and debris. Make sure no shrubs or other plants are blocking the airflow to your unit. A clean unit will run more efficiently than a dirty one.

Contact our team today for more maintenance tips or to book an air conditioning replacement appointment.

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